Technology has changed the way consumers shop. Right from groceries and fashion to even medicines, everything is available online. This technology wave has hit the finance industry too and made the most important thing like personal loans accessible at a click. Online personal loans are increasingly becoming the preferred choice for most of us and here’s the reason why:

Ease of Applying

You can apply for an online personal loan through an app or web interface. There’s no need to physically visit banks to enquire or apply. Apply from anywhere, anytime.

Paperless Process

The online loan process eliminates the paperwork. No need to spend time on lengthy applications, all you need to do is fill in your basic details like name, address, pan card, etc. in the online application form. 

Online Documentation

With online personal loan, there’s no need to provide any physical copies of your required documents. Just upload the list of documents in prescribed digitized format while applying and it’s done. 

Instant Verification

The online process is instant. Once you have provided the basic information, the system matches it with the basic eligibility criteria required for personal loan and instantly verifies it for further processing. 

Faster Approval & Disbursal

One of the biggest advantages of applying for online personal loan is that the process is faster. Once you have applied and completed the verification, it takes around 24 hours for you to get the approval and hours to get the disbursal post approval. In some cases, it’s even less. 

Secure Loan

When you apply for a personal loan online, you minimize the possibility of threat or forgery. Since all the important information and documents are submitted online, you don’t need to worry about losing your important and confidential information to anyone. 

MYFI offers a secure online platform to avail affordable personal loan online. Our online documentation process, quicker approval and disbursal process makes it convenient and easy for you to meet your urgent cash needs. Check out your eligibility for personal loan and apply with us here.

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