Want to Plan Your Dream Wedding – Personal Loan Can Help You!

A perfect wedding is a dream of every heart. But, like every dream, it comes with package of efforts you need to put in. Yes! Right from caterers and wedding trousseau to venue and décor, a lot of planning goes into actualizing your dream wedding, and financial planning is the main aspect of it. Lack of funds can comprise your wedding budget, which you would certainly not want. Why not consider a personal loan for your wedding?

  • Why online personal loan for wedding?

With online personal loan you can cover all your big fat dream wedding costs. It’s easy to avail and needs minimum documentation. Since it’s unsecured, there’s no asset risk; you don’t need to pledge any collateral to avail it. The online process makes it hassle-free; the quick disbursal and tenure flexibility can aid you in planning your monthly installments too. 

  • Before Taking a Personal Loan for Wedding:
    • Know Your Financial Picture

    Putting your financial commitments on paper will provide you with a clear picture on your loan repayment capabilities. You can evaluate your income, outflow and saving and how much you will be able to pay back as EMI every month. 

    • Don’t Go Overboard

    Wedding dreams can often make us take impulsive decisions. Putting together an apt budget is important part of your wedding planning. And when you decide to get a personal loan for wedding, borrow only what you need, else you would have to keep paying high interest on that additional amount too.

    • Take a Joint Decision

    Wedding is a new beginning for you and your partner. And while you may be ready for that additional financial commitment or debt burden, you partner may not be. Better to take consent of your partner rather than causing stress in relationship and burning hearts later.


  • Planning Your Dream Wedding with a Personal Loan

Ask Yourself – Do You Really Need a Personal Loan?

Chalk out a budget for your wedding. Make a list of all the things you want for your wedding and how much it will cost. This will give you an estimation of your wedding. Check out the funds you have and whether that would suffice your need. If the differential amount between your wedding budget and your funds is small, you can consider some other alternative too to meet the expenses.

  • Important Things to Consider:
    • Apply for Differential Amount Only
    • Check for Personal Loan offers & Low Rate of Interest
    • Check for Flexibility of Repayment & Tenure
    • Check for Processing Fees

With some careful calculations and planning, an online personal loan can make your dream wedding plan fly. Apply with MYFI & fly!

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