Tie the knot with MYFI’s personal loans

Wedding bells ringing for you!? One of the greatest moments of your life is when you tie a knot with that special someone and make forever promises to each other. You may have dreamt of your wedding day since your teenage days, but when it comes to actualizing it, it’s not so straight forward. You need so much of planning of wedding service providers like photographers, makeup artists, venue, catering and more, and all these comes at quite a price. Bottom line, weddings are a costlier affair! However, you don’t need to be disheartened by this fact. You can still have your dream wedding. All you need is proper planning and a personal loan to help you.

Yes! Whether it’s a small ceremony you are planning or want to have an elaborate gala for your wedding, a personal loan can make it all possible for you. Just get few things in order to apply for it. Number 1, your income. If you have a stable income from a credible employer, availing a personal loan becomes easier, as it shows that you can repay the loan amount. Second, your banking history. Having a clean banking record with good transactions and no defaults will further make your profile stronger. Third and the most important is the credit score. Usually lenders prefer to approve loans of applicants with good credit score, which is 750 or more. If your payments are on time and you haven’t defaulted on anything, then your score should be in order. Fourth is the documentation. Lenders need basic documents like your photo identity, address proof and income proof to process your applications for personal loan.

You can avail a personal loan online for your wedding. However, it is always wise to first do a proper planning. Analyze your situation, check and track your finances, do a good research on vendors to enlist the costing. All these will provide you with the exact picture of your current status as to how much you have, how much more you need and how much you are willing to spend. Once you have this in front of you, then take a call. 

MYFI offers personal loan online for wedding to individuals with stable income.  If you are salaried professional and are looking for wedding loan online, register with us to create your account, follow the application process with required document uploading and we will get you offers from that lenders that match your requirement. You can check the offers, the tenure, the interest rates etc. and take your decision. The user-friendly process makes it smooth and fast for you. 

Online personal loan can really jazz up your wedding plans. So, why stop at the thought? Just apply with MYFI & fly!


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